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Posted on 01-May-2004 14:51 GMT by Choochy11 comments
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The moment has arrived for delivery of Phase I on AmigaShare.com Phase I is fully functional and open to the entire community. From scratch (around 6 weeks ago), the team at AmigaShare begun the creation of a site that is focussed on the user and innovative features (specifically for OS4). The initial offering is evidence of their fresh approach.

Chris Nillissen, co-founder of AmigaShare.com commented:

"This last week sure has been hectic. We had a lot to do in order to deliver on our promise for the release of Phase I to the entire Amiga community. We were focussed on sign off. That is, getting through our internal tests as well using feedback from our selected Amiga testers.

Well, now we eagerly await participation and feedback from the community itself, as well as their support and assistance in growing the site. In particular, we invite you all to use the facilities and upload your favourite Amiga applications".

Visit AmigaShare.com

Thanks you,
The AmigaShare Team
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The moment has arrived! : Comment 9 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 03-May-2004 12:44 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (Anonymous):
"This web refers to the real one Amiga with future, not to the peg/mos that doesn´t have anything that to see with Amiga."

There is no evidence at all at present as to which will have bigger sales in the future (say, the next five years), AmigaOne or Pegasos. Hopefully both product lines will do well and be profitable, so the total market for Amiga software authors will increase.

A good way to set up a shareware site would be to provide a text listing as in Aminet, but with a code next to each link to say which Amiga variants the software runs on. However, most do say now in the link to the readme - if they are for anything other than plain 68k classic.
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