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Posted on 03-May-2004 03:42 GMT by Ronald St-Maurice22 comments
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Are we so dissimilar? If you asked us to list the troubling issues facing the RISC OS platform right now, the lack of more modern hardware support and the OS development split between Castle and RISCOS Ltd. would probably be there, right at the top, beating other problems like the USB split between Castle and Simtec and the gradual slowdown in software development... More...
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RISC OS vs. AmigaOS : Comment 19 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Raffaele on 05-May-2004 06:40 GMT
Well... the author of the article simply points regarding the situation of the market, the userbase and the production of software...

There are no comparisons between the two OSes and the different hardware systems...

So it is useless to chat about these thingies...

Correctly interpreting his article reveals that situation is that RiscOS lays in a worst situation than Amiga OS...

And he could cry and cry that RiscOS lays in the same situation as AmigaOS, but the cruel truth fact is that RiscOS has a VERY VERY POOR USERBASE...

At least Amiga can count on over 15.000 fanatics worldwide... but RiscOS fans are how much... 1500? 2000?

A number that couldn't reach ignition point that potentially has Amigabase...

Important now for Amiga (Both AONE and Peggy) is not to lose all these interested people...

...mainly all these UNIQUE persons...
#21 Kjetil
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