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[News] ptplay "ported" to AmigaOS4ANN.lu
Posted on 20-May-2004 17:12 GMT by Nicolas Mendoza10 comments
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Yes, you can now use the solid Protracker player developed by Tim Mueller, Ronald Hof and Per Johansson on AmigaOS4.0. Ptplay now runs on 3.x, Morphos and AmigaOS4. Updated package will be available shortly here: http://ptplay.k-n-p.org/. Sources are of course included.
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Comment 1Nicolas Mendoza20-May-2004 15:14 GMT
Comment 2Emeric SH20-May-2004 15:42 GMT
Comment 3tokaiRegistered user20-May-2004 16:00 GMT
Comment 4hooligan/dcsRegistered user20-May-2004 16:13 GMT
Comment 5itix20-May-2004 17:33 GMT
Comment 6Thomas W├╝rgler/PaganRegistered user20-May-2004 19:48 GMT
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