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Posted on 21-May-2004 21:56 GMT by Chris Perver7 comments
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RTF, HTML and AmigaGuide plugin updates. Quickload menu now supports subitems. A few other small changes. www.evenmore.co.uk Some small compatibility problems fixed on the RTF plugin. Added /ldblquote, /rdblquote, /bullet commands. Added /~ and /_ for nonbreaking space and hyphens. Takes extra new line on /par if it ends in } with no text.

AmigaGuide wordwrapping fixed (yet again!). Hopefully this time it should work.

HTML + Eml plugins. New ANSI command *CBAR. This will reproduce a bevelled bar across the page, like in the <hr> command, instead of just typing ----- as before.

Executable. Added SUB and ITEM keywords to the quickload.txt menu list. Putting SUB on a line will make everything after it appear as a sub menu of the above item. Entering ITEM on a line will make everything after it appear in the main Quickload menu again.

Decided to make the infobar and filestring bars use the screen font. Also, the executable can now be run without the need for the iconify gadget, hopefully making the window look cleaner on special GUIs (MorphOS, etc). www.evenmore.co.uk

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Small EvenMore textviewer update : Comment 4 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by Elwood on 23-May-2004 12:53 GMT
Is this meant to be funny ? I ask because it's not.
#5 Chris Perver
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