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[News] FreePascal for MorphOSANN.lu
Posted on 07-Jun-2004 10:46 GMT by Hänschenklein (Edited on 2004-06-07 16:02:59 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä)34 comments
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As stated on the FreePascal site: '6 June 2004 Today the PowerPC compiler first compiled itself on a Pegasos II/G4 computer running MorphOS.'
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Comment 1hooligan/dcsRegistered user07-Jun-2004 08:51 GMT
Comment 2Abuse07-Jun-2004 08:57 GMT
Comment 3Miky06007-Jun-2004 08:58 GMT
Comment 4Kronos07-Jun-2004 09:35 GMT
Comment 5Anonymous07-Jun-2004 09:36 GMT
Comment 6Abuse07-Jun-2004 10:02 GMT
Comment 7Abuse07-Jun-2004 10:03 GMT
Comment 8Abuse07-Jun-2004 10:07 GMT
Comment 9Golem07-Jun-2004 10:10 GMT
Comment 10Elwood07-Jun-2004 10:13 GMT
Comment 11XraalE07-Jun-2004 10:46 GMT
Comment 12Amon_ReRegistered user07-Jun-2004 11:01 GMT
Comment 13Amon_ReRegistered user07-Jun-2004 11:02 GMT
Comment 14AbuseRegistered user07-Jun-2004 11:04 GMT
Comment 15STRICQ07-Jun-2004 11:24 GMT
Comment 16AbuseRegistered user07-Jun-2004 11:40 GMT
Comment 17takemehomegrandmaRegistered user07-Jun-2004 11:52 GMT
Comment 18Abuse07-Jun-2004 12:03 GMT
Comment 19Anonymous07-Jun-2004 12:29 GMT
Comment 20Christophe DecaniniRegistered user07-Jun-2004 12:46 GMT
Comment 21Ami07-Jun-2004 12:49 GMT
Comment 22Amon_ReRegistered user07-Jun-2004 13:26 GMT
Comment 23Christophe DecaniniRegistered user07-Jun-2004 14:12 GMT
Comment 24Ami07-Jun-2004 14:23 GMT
Comment 25Jon07-Jun-2004 14:32 GMT
Comment 26Anonymous07-Jun-2004 15:04 GMT
Comment 27Leo07-Jun-2004 17:06 GMT
Comment 28Chain|Q07-Jun-2004 18:20 GMT
Comment 29Chain|Q07-Jun-2004 18:37 GMT
Comment 30hnl_dkRegistered user07-Jun-2004 19:05 GMT
Comment 31damn08-Jun-2004 07:42 GMT
Comment 32Anonymous08-Jun-2004 14:32 GMT
Comment 33Amon_ReRegistered user08-Jun-2004 16:00 GMT
Comment 34Jon08-Jun-2004 18:23 GMT
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