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[News] Nova Design Summer Sale - Limited Time OnlyANN.lu
Posted on 07-Jun-2004 16:45 GMT by Kermit Woodall7 comments
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Okay - it's the start of the summer sale season, or as we like to call it, time to raise rent money! Ha!! We've got thousands of customers and even more customers-to-be! I want to challenge you guys who have ImageFX but haven't bought Aladdin 4D, or have Aladdin 4D and haven't bought ImageFX, or have both or either and haven't upgraded. The challenge is - BUY the other products or UPGRADE. Now. Not tomorrow or next week. Now.

To make this an easy decision - we're offering free shipping to anywhere in the work no matter how large your order!!!

To you guys outside the US, combine this free shipping with the weak dollar and you're practically making money on this deal! <grin>

So c'mon - buy or upgrade now. If not for yourself, then make it a present for the ones you love!

If you've got a Video Toaster or Flyer don't forget our Millennium package - it's on sale for only $99.95 - the lowest price ever!

We've also got Cinematte for Photoshop for both Macintosh and Windows now as well as for Newtek's Aura!

Now the catch - how long will this sale last? Only for the first 25 paid orders! After that the prices go back up and you pay for your own shipping!

Order today - don't delay - go to www.NOVADESIGN.COM

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