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[News] New web browser for Amiga-like systems in developmentANN.lu
Posted on 10-Jun-2004 18:15 GMT by The Paihia Team63 comments
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The Paihia Team would like to announce the development of their new web browser, named Paihia. We hope to have an initial release by the end of 2004. Amiga-like systems and their users are crying out for a standards compliant browser. Despite all the modern web standards being very old (CSS2 is 7 years old, HTML4 is 5 years old) Amiga-like systems still lack in this area.

The leading objective of the Paihia authors (there are now 3 of us) are the implementation of real web standards - we aren't interestd in partial implementations, or bits here, and bits there. All 3 of us have extensive experience with modern web standards and we are particularly keen on being able to use our Amiga-like systems with the web, both to their full potential. HTML 4, Java/ECMAScript 1.5, CSS2.1, and DOM level 3 will feature in our initial release, with us then looking at more recent XML-based web standards which are still not widely used on the web for subsequent development.

Although work has been ongoing for 5 months now (and only recently with 3 developers), we still have a significant amount to complete. Having said that, we've been monitoring the progress of AmiZilla, and looking at their recent progress update on ANN, we are satisfied that Paihia is at a somewhat more advanced stage.

Paihia will be shareware. The application has been written from scratch and does not utilise any existing web content engines. Although this seems duplication of work, our progress tells us it isn't.

We should mention that we all lean slightly towards MorphOS and AROS, however, economics tell us there will more than likely be a version for AmigaOS3, and OS4.

In the next few months we'll be making public a website, with screenshots, of the new browser.

Keep watching!

The Paihia Team

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New web browser for Amiga-like systems in development : Comment 12 of 63ANN.lu
Posted by Jope on 10-Jun-2004 19:29 GMT
If this is true, then great! I'll be waiting eagerly for your demo version..

If this is fake, then don't you have something better to do?
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