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[Web] Major Website update & Request...ANN.lu
Posted on 17-Jun-2004 20:13 GMT by MiRRoRMaN5 comments
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I updated AmigaCam a whole lot by putting every single product I still have and made online, even 1 Commodore 64 demo I made when I was 13 and demo's that go as far back as 1990. Still I have a request, read on. If you happen to have demo's and games made by me (My nickname has always been MiRRoRMaN) or the TFC-BILL##.LZX diskmags please upload them on my BBS, FTP to ftp://mirrorman.sytes.net:21 or telnet://mirrorman.sytes.net:23 I'll be forever greatfull. So if you happen to have CD's laying around or anything that was made by me, or the Feigling Crew then upload them there. The website is to be found on http://mirrorman.cjb.net. Thanks in advance and keep the fire burning. *I* *LOVE* *AMIGA!!!!* And that passion will never die.... ;)
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Comment 1MiRRoRMaN17-Jun-2004 18:14 GMT
Comment 2damn17-Jun-2004 19:11 GMT
Major Website update & Request... : Comment 3 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by MiRRoRMaN on 19-Jun-2004 08:34 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (damn):
Nope, but I did make the website in flash. (because I could do stuff in there I couldn't do in html) you can still visit the BBS though, which is the biggest Amiga part of it anyway: telnet://mirrorman.sytes.net:23 or ftp://mirrorman.sytes.net:21

Someone should really make a good Ami-flash version....
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Comment 4Anonymous19-Jun-2004 09:08 GMT
Comment 5MiRRoRMaN19-Jun-2004 20:12 GMT
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