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[Rant] Thanks to everyone involved.ANN.lu
Posted on 20-Jun-2004 13:11 GMT by MOSlem137 comments
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With this mail I want to thank everyone (bPlan, Genesi, MorphOS developer team and all the volunteers) involved into the PegasosII and MorphOS for keeping up the good old Amiga spirit and showing us the future for Amiga. Big thanks to all of you who you spent all the years onto the Amiga and finally found a new real path for the Amiga. For me as user PegasosII and MorphOS is everything that I want to see a modern Amiga should be. Quite modern and affordable Hardware, a nice clean and fast Operating System and all the developers and 3rd party people heavily supporting it. Without you the Amiga would still be a dead thing but with all you people we are happy to look forward into a nice future.

Thanks again.

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Thanks to everyone involved. : Comment 134 of 137ANN.lu
Posted by Sammy Nordström on 27-Jun-2004 12:19 GMT
In reply to Comment 133 (Alkis Tsapanidis):
Yes, like I've said atleast three times in this thread already, ALL VERSIONS OF THE AMIGAOS PRODUCT LINE IS A RE-IMPLEMENTATION OF IT'S PREDECESSOR. Yet you keep explaining it to me like I wouldn't understand it. Will repeating it a fourth time with bold letters make you realize that I already understand it or are you going to keep counter arguing statements that are not there? How many times do you have to bang your head into a brick wall before you realize that it hurts?

Again, yes I acknowledge the fact that both AmigaOS4 and MorphOS contains re-implementations of the AmigaOS3.x APIs. Now get this: *Neither* OS is a reimplementation of the AmigaOS product line.

The above mentioned facts are NOT contradicting each other.
#135 Alkis Tsapanidis
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