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[Unmoderated] What's going on with Perfect Paint?ANN.lu
Posted on 20-Jun-2004 16:45 GMT by beauty13 comments
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This is wonderful and unique program! It would be shame to be abandoned... Does author planning something for OS4? Why he doesn't relise it under GPL (in case thet he is not interested anymore in developing the program)... Does anyone know something?
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Comment 1Bill Hoggett20-Jun-2004 15:48 GMT
Comment 2snowblood20-Jun-2004 16:03 GMT
Comment 3Don CoxRegistered user20-Jun-2004 16:08 GMT
Comment 4snowblood20-Jun-2004 16:12 GMT
Comment 5urosh lepota20-Jun-2004 16:18 GMT
Comment 6urosh lepota20-Jun-2004 16:20 GMT
Comment 7Bill Hoggett20-Jun-2004 16:39 GMT
Comment 8Christoph GutjahrRegistered user20-Jun-2004 18:14 GMT
Comment 9Anonymous20-Jun-2004 19:03 GMT
Comment 10tinman20-Jun-2004 19:35 GMT
Comment 11tinman20-Jun-2004 19:40 GMT
Comment 12Don CoxRegistered user23-Jun-2004 11:35 GMT
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