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[Motd] Amiga Alpe Adria 2004ANN.lu
Posted on 24-Jun-2004 09:45 GMT by Christian Kemp11 comments
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I just reserved my flight for Amiga Alpe Adria 2004. Who else is going?
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Comment 1j.thomas24-Jun-2004 08:24 GMT
Comment 2RIk Sweeney24-Jun-2004 08:46 GMT
Amiga Alpe Adria 2004 : Comment 3 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by mcb on 24-Jun-2004 09:09 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (RIk Sweeney):
> I don't think I should go, I might taunt the Italians:
> "So, you guys were a bit crap against Bulgaria weren't you?"

If you are making it an issue of nationalities I think Amiga Alpe Adria might be exactly the right "medicine" for you ;-)
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Comment 4mcbRegistered user24-Jun-2004 09:20 GMT
Comment 5SKAN24-Jun-2004 12:37 GMT
Comment 6Roberto C.24-Jun-2004 16:13 GMT
Comment 7Raffaele25-Jun-2004 09:38 GMT
Comment 8Metamiwoo25-Jun-2004 11:29 GMT
Comment 9mcbRegistered user25-Jun-2004 18:09 GMT
Comment 10ikirRegistered user26-Jun-2004 06:23 GMT
Comment 11Raffaele26-Jun-2004 18:43 GMT
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