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Posted on 24-Jun-2004 21:51 GMT by 17 comments
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England go Home!!! We are the best!!!
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Comment 1Jeff Martin24-Jun-2004 19:52 GMT
Comment 2tinman24-Jun-2004 20:05 GMT
Comment 3Anonymous24-Jun-2004 21:05 GMT
Comment 4Troels24-Jun-2004 21:17 GMT
Comment 5RyuRegistered user24-Jun-2004 21:36 GMT
Comment 6thank you lord24-Jun-2004 21:44 GMT
Comment 7Lando24-Jun-2004 21:44 GMT
Comment 8Darth_XRegistered user24-Jun-2004 21:54 GMT
Comment 9IanSRegistered user24-Jun-2004 21:59 GMT
Comment 10Bodie24-Jun-2004 22:34 GMT
Comment 11Johan Rönnblom24-Jun-2004 22:42 GMT
Comment 12Anonymous24-Jun-2004 23:58 GMT
Comment 13Bodie25-Jun-2004 03:19 GMT
Comment 14top25-Jun-2004 05:08 GMT
Comment 15Anonymous25-Jun-2004 05:23 GMT
Comment 16Anonymous25-Jun-2004 05:32 GMT
Comment 17Don CoxRegistered user25-Jun-2004 05:41 GMT
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