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[News] Bounty 11 - New ATA DeviceANN.lu
Posted on 06-Jul-2004 19:28 GMT by One Man Army15 comments
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Aros-Exec Reports that AROS now has a new ATA Device.
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Comment 1Amon_ReRegistered user06-Jul-2004 18:03 GMT
Comment 2Michal Schulz06-Jul-2004 18:30 GMT
Comment 3Amon_ReRegistered user06-Jul-2004 20:27 GMT
Comment 4JoannaK06-Jul-2004 22:07 GMT
Comment 5Anonymous07-Jul-2004 02:23 GMT
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Comment 7Elwood07-Jul-2004 04:53 GMT
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Comment 9Anonymous07-Jul-2004 07:42 GMT
Bounty 11 - New ATA Device : Comment 10 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Fabio Alemagna on 07-Jul-2004 08:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Anonymous):
> I love the irony... several well-known AROS developers have been spending a
> fair bit of time criticizing Hyperion for taking so long to write a
> DMA-capable IDE driver. Eventually AROS gets its own IDE driver, and what's
> left out? DMA. It will be *really* funny if the first DMA-capable release of
> the AROS driver corrupts data.

It takes a fool to recognize irony in this, because no one in the AROS team ever criticized them for "taking so long". The discussions have solely been about the AmigaONE, not their ability to get something done.

As Michal said, he just wanted to get the device out as soon as possible, DMA is going to be implemented in the next few days. I have been one of the guys who begged him to commit the driver as it is now, he didn't want to, at first.

> Now, this does not apply to *all* AROS devs, most are pretty decent guys, but
> I can't help thinking that if a certain individual with initials FA had kept
> his trap shut, there's be less sniggers and more congratulations. Bottom line,
> people living in glass houses should not throw stones.

At least I am not an anonymous coward. Look, you say whataver you want about me, but at lest put a name over there, so I know who's the fool is talking to me .-)
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Comment 11Anonymous07-Jul-2004 08:49 GMT
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