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[News] Bounty 11 - New ATA DeviceANN.lu
Posted on 06-Jul-2004 19:28 GMT by One Man Army15 comments
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Aros-Exec Reports that AROS now has a new ATA Device.
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Bounty 11 - New ATA Device : Comment 14 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by hammer on 07-Jul-2004 20:15 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (Anonymous):
Note that, the Microsoft’s generic DMA(upto UDMA Mode5) IDE driver works on nForceI/II/III's IDE controllers.

Generic MS IDE drivers are;
_atapi.sys; (Microsoft's generic IDE port driver).
_pciide.sys; (Microsoft's generic controller minidriver; This handles the hardware-dependent aspects of the controller driver-minidriver pair and which can be used with most IDE controller hardware.)
_pciidex.sys; (Microsoft's generic PnP and power management)
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