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[News] Bounty 11 - New ATA DeviceANN.lu
Posted on 06-Jul-2004 19:28 GMT by One Man Army15 comments
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Aros-Exec Reports that AROS now has a new ATA Device.
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Comment 1Amon_ReRegistered user06-Jul-2004 18:03 GMT
Comment 2Michal Schulz06-Jul-2004 18:30 GMT
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Comment 4JoannaK06-Jul-2004 22:07 GMT
Bounty 11 - New ATA Device : Comment 5 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 07-Jul-2004 02:23 GMT
I love the irony... several well-known AROS developers have been spending a fair bit of time criticizing Hyperion for taking so long to write a DMA-capable IDE driver. Eventually AROS gets its own IDE driver, and what's left out? DMA. It will be *really* funny if the first DMA-capable release of the AROS driver corrupts data.

Now, this does not apply to *all* AROS devs, most are pretty decent guys, but I can't help thinking that if a certain individual with initials FA had kept his trap shut, there's be less sniggers and more congratulations. Bottom line, people living in glass houses should not throw stones.
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