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[News] Pagestream 5.0 to be releasedANN.lu
Posted on 09-Jul-2004 05:35 GMT by Hagge6 comments
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GrasshoppasLLC releases Pagestream 5 and Pagestream 5 professional for Windows and Linux, with AmigaOS 68k and MorphOS versions to follow any day. Information about MacOS X and AmigaOS4 versions will follow. New in PageStream 5.0
+ Alpha Blending for Text and Objects.
+ Picture Transparency
+ Text Widow and Orphan Control
+ Definable Printer Marks
+ More Keyboard Shortcuts
+ Path Reverse, Flatten and Smooth
+ Hanging Bullets, DropCaps and Number
+ New Duplicate Objects Method
+ Print to Bitmap Picture
+ and more!

The previous release of PageStream Professional was a bundle of
PageStream and a number of addons. With this release, PageStream
Professional also includes features unique to it.

New in PageStream 5.0 Pro
+ Place PDF Objects
+ Export Objects as Bitmap
+ Automatically Adjust Text Width for Justified Text
+ Gradient/Radial Blend Masks for Pictures/EPS/PDF/Drawings
+ Path Math: Union/Add/Unique/Subtract
+ PageStream5.0 features and more!

$99 for Pagestream
$149 for Pagestream pro
Upgrade from 4.1(+pro) costs $40

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