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[Files] SDL UAE on iPAQ (Linux) and ZaurusANN.lu
Posted on 16-Jul-2004 08:39 GMT by MrZammler11 comments
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PAQuae is a build of UAE for the ipaq (Linux) and Zaurus handhelds, using the SDL library. More info, shots and download here: PAQuae
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Comment 1priest16-Jul-2004 07:41 GMT
Comment 2Amon_ReRegistered user16-Jul-2004 08:28 GMT
Comment 3miksuh16-Jul-2004 08:43 GMT
Comment 4miksuh16-Jul-2004 08:44 GMT
Comment 5miksuh16-Jul-2004 08:46 GMT
Comment 6MrZammler16-Jul-2004 08:49 GMT
Comment 7priest16-Jul-2004 09:55 GMT
Comment 8MrZammler16-Jul-2004 12:21 GMT
Comment 9Anonymous16-Jul-2004 23:03 GMT
Comment 10MrZammler17-Jul-2004 08:43 GMT
Comment 11saimo17-Jul-2004 10:51 GMT
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