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[Files] FPSE and AMP for OS4ANN.lu
Posted on 16-Jul-2004 14:51 GMT by Peter Gordon10 comments
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AmiDog has posted OS4 native versions of FPSE (a Playstation 1 emulator) and AMP (AmiDog's Movie Player). Apparently they are both early alphas.

AmiDogs homepage. Click FPSE for the Playstation EMU
AmiDogs forum. Second post has the AMP link
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Comment 1ikirRegistered user16-Jul-2004 13:05 GMT
Comment 2Anonymous16-Jul-2004 13:19 GMT
FPSE and AMP for OS4 : Comment 3 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Tryo on 16-Jul-2004 15:30 GMT
> Apparently they are both early alphas.

Has he ever released anything that was not crashy and alpha as hell?
#4 Amon_Re
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Comment 4Amon_ReRegistered user16-Jul-2004 20:41 GMT
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