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Posted on 16-Jul-2004 17:46 GMT by mui freak37 comments
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we all know that the pre-release of OS4 is shipped with a plain 68k version of MUI 3.9. Now, I'm interested if it would be possible to install this version on a classic Amiga? Will it work? Or is there some hacky code to prevent it from being runned on a real Amiga? Please guys, let me know. This finally would be a way to have all those bug fixes from MUI 3.9 on our mc68k's. I'm not interested in OS4, but I would buy the pre-relase just for this MUI 3.9 if it runs on my A4000 properly....
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MUI 3.9 for 68k : Comment 26 of 37ANN.lu
Posted by koan on 17-Jul-2004 14:22 GMT
In reply to Comment 20 (Anonymous):
if the OS4 version is restricted, why isnt the MorphOS version? both are tied to the OS platform they are designed for - and both are PPC. why are you labelling the OS4 version as restricted and letting the MorphOS version off-the-hook?

Because AFAIK the MorphOS version is much more developed than the OS4 version, as some other posters have mentioned above.

eh? The author himself is the one keeping MUI for MorphOS and PPC - your money and my money and everyone elses money that we paid to register with has been taken to support this evil situation.

I don't resent the author picking a team for himself but I am a little bit annoyed that my shareware fee didn't result in an update for the platform I use (classic) and is only fully supporting one of the new platforms.

to resent any register-required graphical hack addon to the OS. one which has always been 'tolerated' by the Amigans as they waited for AmigaOS to actually get a decent GUI for the advanced OS it always has been!

Before anyone even thought of browser wars, on Amiga the big question was MUI or no MUI. One side thought MUI was a resource hog and evil. The other side thought it was the best thing since the miniskirt and made computing 10x nicer.

At the end of the day, I don't understand why OS4 is using MUI instead of wholeheartedly going for Reaction, unless it's simply a quick fix.

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