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[Unmoderated] Hostage situation progress reportANN.lu
Posted on 17-Jul-2004 22:20 GMT by Rafo7 comments
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It's been 145 days today since MOS 1.5 has been kidnapped somewhere in Central Europe. The kidnappers have not communicated any list of demands yet.

We don't know where it is.
We don't know if it's supposed to be released someday.
We don't know if it's still alive.

Anybody who can provide information about the place the hostage could be, pick up the phone and call 555-RELEASEMOS
Thank you.

PS : I know, it's useless and will be deleted quickly, but it reflects what I think about it right now and I wanted to share it (maybe with nobody, who knows...)
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Hostage situation progress report : Comment 6 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 17-Jul-2004 22:36 GMT
145 days is nothing, given the circumstances that the company
- doesn't pay all of its employees and contractors
- is involved in costly, questionable, self-inflicted court cases

Try to use your brains just for one second, MorphOS is a dead pledge by its evelopers to sort out the mess that is surrounding Genesi. BBRV have tricked and deceived their own peck members, do you think that all the hard-working and honorable people behind it would like to be put into the same sack?

Better get prepared to wait another 1450 days or till hell freezes over.
#7 Anonymous
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