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[Forum] Cutting down Trolls...ANN.lu
Posted on 21-Jul-2004 01:51 GMT by Darth_X49 comments
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Christian, would it be possible to write a script for ann.lu so that only registered users are allowed to post news items? If a person needs to remain anonymous and yet post some kind of news item they should email you or one of the moderators. This is fair.

Perhaps we need ann.lu set up for a while so that only registered users can post to cut down on the amount of trolls...
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Cutting down Trolls... : Comment 25 of 49ANN.lu
Posted by Gabriele Favrin on 21-Jul-2004 13:35 GMT
In reply to Comment 21 (Amon_Re):
>>Envy for what? I'm webmaster of three important italian
>>Amiga sites
>Wich ones? Do they allow anonymous posting?

None of these sites contain a forum. The first is a portal
of _all_ Amiga resources (including Ikir's portal - I'm
serious when it comes to work), the second is a collection
of articles by Paolo Canali, a well known italian Amiga
hardware expert. The last one is a web magazine. We are
planning to offer a mailing list service and it will be
opened to anyone.

I'm consistent in my positions. I think that moderation is
a good way to operate a site. But moderation doesn't need
too much restrictions, because when you cut off number of
people who can talk you surely get less crap but youu also
get less content.

About your other post:

>Actually, it would significantly improve the quality of
>ann.lu, and "less news"? You mean threads like eg "Do you
>think Ben Hermans is a traitor" (the most recent trollthread
>i remember) wouldn't be possible anymore? Gee, what a loss..

ANN is abourt news, rumors, weird stuff. Someone abuses it
but evry flame thread is removed. You can either ignore them
or switch 'unmoderated' flag off. Where is the problem?

>It would seriously relieve said moderators of alot of
>burden & stress

Maybe if they decided to work here they feel ANN is ok as it
is. Why don't you simply move to a site that better suits
your needs if ANN is not as you want it?
And why are you worried only about flames against one side
and not the other?

And, after all, why don't you simply uncheck some gadgets
and see only the news you are interested in?

I don't really think that limit the number of SOURCES ANN
currently have is a good idea for a news site. If you think
so, try to convince Christian to ruin his good news site
because you don't want to read something that you already
can skip.

What will be the next step: voting for who can be
registered? For what type of news can be posted? To forbid
posts against this or that because someone don't like them?
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