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[News] New version of Feelin (040718) & Web siteANN.lu
Posted on 21-Jul-2004 04:39 GMT by Gofromiel59 comments
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Feelin is a new object-oriented system (OOS) for the AmigaOS. It provides two things: a small, fast and powerful core shared library, offering everything needed to create a strong object-oriented environnement; and an extensible system to create and maintain graphical user interfaces.

I created Feelin, because I was fed up with others GUI toolkits available on AmigaOS. You may say "have you ever heard about MUI ?". Well, yes :-) But, although MUI is a very attractive choice, it severely lacks of modern features and protection. MUI is not an object-oriented system on its own. Built on BOOPSI, it suffers from its limitations.

Give it a try ! Visit Feelin's web site for further information...

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