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[Forum] Amiga piracy nearly dead?ANN.lu
Posted on 22-Jul-2004 01:27 GMT by Anonymous26 comments
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It is rather hard nowadays to find Amiga piracy.
Is it really dead, or just deep underground?
Have anti-piracy messages in AmiGIFT worked? :) If anyone remembers how widespread Amiga piracy was in the bad old days, today's Amiga pirating activities are by comparison weak and ineffectual IMHO..
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Comment 1Ronald St-Maurice22-Jul-2004 00:58 GMT
Comment 2Anonymous Original Poster22-Jul-2004 01:27 GMT
Comment 3Ronald St-Maurice22-Jul-2004 02:48 GMT
Comment 4ilwrath22-Jul-2004 02:50 GMT
Comment 5Anonymous22-Jul-2004 05:02 GMT
Comment 6Amon_ReRegistered user22-Jul-2004 05:15 GMT
Comment 7Ronald St-Maurice22-Jul-2004 05:32 GMT
Comment 8Amon_ReRegistered user22-Jul-2004 05:34 GMT
Comment 9Emeric SH22-Jul-2004 05:50 GMT
Comment 10Anonymous22-Jul-2004 09:45 GMT
Comment 11Gabriele Favrin22-Jul-2004 12:15 GMT
Comment 12Thomas Würgler/PaganRegistered user22-Jul-2004 13:02 GMT
Amiga piracy nearly dead? : Comment 13 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 22-Jul-2004 13:06 GMT
In reply to Comment 11 (Gabriele Favrin):
Don't you undestand that in this small market piracy kills all development. It'äs not same as in Windows, Mac or linux world. You simply can't compare Amiga marjket to mainstream. In the mainstream there is o much more users that developers make lot's of money even if someone pirates their software. If users pirate commercial Amiga software it's quite possible that developer willnot make enough money and then development will just end.

It's totally different situation with Amiga and mainstream.

"Why do you beleive that an Win/Mac user will switch to
AmigaOS if he can't find commercial stuff for free as it
happens in its current market? "

If piracy is the only way some Windows user would switch to Amiga, then it's better he/she continues to use that Wiondows box. You can pirate Windows software as much as you want :P Why should you switch to Amiga if you just want to pirate software ?

If you? or he/she are/is not ready to buy Amiga software and support further development then that person really is not interested about Amiga. And if so, I don't see any reason why he/she should switch to Amiga.

There is much more software which you can pirate in the mainstream. If you just want to opirate software do not start using Amiga.
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Comment 14corpse22-Jul-2004 13:29 GMT
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