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[Rant] Where is MorphOS for CSPPC?ANN.lu
Posted on 26-Jul-2004 11:33 GMT by Kolbjørn Barmen (Edited on 2004-07-26 13:40:05 GMT by Christian Kemp)78 comments
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Whatever happened to the promised support for PowerUp? While people are discussing the meaning of "promise" and "support" I want to ask what the final outcome of MorphOS for PowerUP machines is. web archive (20030602171643) of www.morphos.net/support.php3. Was it ever promised? Not? Versions? Support? When? The mention of CSPPC and BlizzPPC was there for more than 3 years before it vanished when morphos.de/morphos.net became ..uhm.. genesized. :)
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Where is MorphOS for CSPPC? : Comment 73 of 78ANN.lu
Posted by Kolbjørn Barmen on 28-Jul-2004 05:55 GMT
In reply to Comment 70 (Tronman):
> Why all this about USB on the Peg (and by extension, any USB 1.1
> interface) being so slow?? I get most of a megabyte per second on
> transfers, its been way more than adequate for scanning, downloading
> from my digicam etc.

Sure, if you dont mind sitting there and waiting.. I have several USB/Firewire disks ranging from 40GB and up. There are times I just want to dump data to/from them, and with slow USB this is not fun. Also I have actually used high resolution scanners on faster USB and it is indeed.. faster.

> I mean yeah, I have a SCSI scanner and it
> probably dumps data down the wires faster, but since its an ancient
> three pass scanner, that becomes a moot point eh?

At least it is your moot point, since you brought it up :)

> USB is suitable for much more than just HID stuff. I'm using a USB
> mouse on my peg, and it has NEVER stumbled once even when hitting the
> USB bus hard even on the same root hub as the mouse.

So you are saying that it works? Great, I didnt expect it to be bogus, I just said that is slower than it could be. And for me this is of importance due to the other USB hardware I have, when I first read the Pegasos2 specs I thought it was a typing mistake or something.

> Frankly, I can't understand why anyone would complain about USB these
> days, especially since Amiga-like systems have one of the best USB
> stacks on any platform, bar none! Poseidon Rulezz!

Well.. there are number of USB related things I can simply not do with Poseidon that I do daily from linux, be it ethernet over USB, bluetooth, audio.. :)

> Finally, I had an A3000T with a CSPPC and Cybervision card on it for
> several years. Loved that system. Miss it dearly. Don't miss how
> hot it ran if I didn't have three fans on it, or having to reconnect
> that KEL ('from Hell' to quote Dave Haynie) connector every six
> months.

Luckily I have had no such issues with my A3000. I have a temperature sensors in mine and I have never seen them go past 55°C.

> And, maintaining and improving the HAL
> for the CSPPC would still be work - I'm getting the impression MOS needs
> things the old stuff just can't provide anymore, at least not
> reliably. Just think of having to have your HAL deal with not just
> the original CSPPC and Amiga beneath it, but that bevy of PCI slot
> addons which you can get for it.. And what about all those Zorro
> cards..

Oddly this was not a problem with MorphOS 0.4 was it? Or linux for that matter. Are you suggesting that the new MorphOS is less flexible? :)

> Its just better to keep the old box running the old OS and enjoy it
> for what it is-instead of trying to hot rod it into something its not.

Installing a newer OS is considered turning it into a hot rod? Heh.
The old box is quite adequate to test-run a "lean and mean" OS like MorphOS.

> I love my 1978 Cadillac, but I know it'll NEVER be a 2004 Hammett CTS
> no matter how hard I try :-) Although the trunk in the old Caddy is
> bigger..

More moot points.. :)

Ah well, soon enough I can simply install PearPC on a sufficiently fast PC and try MorphOS on that (I understand that even BBRV likes the idea). Or, something amazing like a new and improved Pegasos might show up, one that I might buy.
#77 Tronman
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