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[News] Updated PegXmac and PegXmacSP - new feature added!ANN.lu
Posted on 01-Aug-2004 21:59 GMT by PegXlin DEV7 comments
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PegXmac and PegXmacSP is now at version 1.2 Hard drive installer added and bug fixes *Squashfs - Updated to version 2.0 *MOL 0.70 to latest release version 0.70-6 Added new feature to PegXmac - Hard drive installer Goto http://pegxmac.zftp.com for more info. Need feedback on my Amigaone copy
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Updated PegXmac and PegXmacSP - new feature added! : Comment 4 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by Alfred Schwarz on 04-Aug-2004 08:21 GMT
It would be really nice if I could test the A1 version before paying for it.
After reading the instructions on the page I'm thinking that it doesn't support booting from cd by using the slb so that you would have to enter UBoot everytime to boot the cd, is that right?
Anybody here using/tried the A1 version and can tell anything how well it works?

Ciao, Alfred
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