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[Web] Linux + PowerPC =ANN.lu
Posted on 02-Aug-2004 09:58 GMT by Emil 'opi' Oppeln Bronikowski8 comments
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Here's an intresting article about PowerPC processors & Linux. Go, read it. :-)
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Comment 1Johan "Hagge" Krüger-Haglert02-Aug-2004 08:26 GMT
Comment 2sutro02-Aug-2004 12:18 GMT
Comment 3Thomas Würgler/PaganRegistered user02-Aug-2004 12:30 GMT
Comment 4Ferry02-Aug-2004 12:40 GMT
Comment 5Johan02-Aug-2004 17:29 GMT
Comment 6opi03-Aug-2004 05:10 GMT
Comment 7Colin Camper03-Aug-2004 09:22 GMT
Comment 8sutro03-Aug-2004 22:17 GMT
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