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[Web] GGS-Data has Pegasos2 G4's in stock!ANN.lu
Posted on 02-Aug-2004 19:32 GMT by Ironfist17 comments
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GGS-Data in Sweden recieved a quite large batch of Pegasos2 G4's today for immediate shipping. Price: 5769 SEK
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Comment 1Johan "Hagge" Krüger-Haglert02-Aug-2004 19:29 GMT
Comment 2Darth_XRegistered user02-Aug-2004 20:55 GMT
Comment 3Ronald St-Maurice02-Aug-2004 23:10 GMT
Comment 4Anonymous03-Aug-2004 14:47 GMT
Comment 5Anonymous03-Aug-2004 15:16 GMT
Comment 6Paul GaddRegistered user03-Aug-2004 15:18 GMT
Comment 7Johan03-Aug-2004 18:09 GMT
Comment 8Johan "Hagge" Krüger-Haglert03-Aug-2004 18:11 GMT
Comment 9itix03-Aug-2004 19:30 GMT
Comment 10Anonymous03-Aug-2004 20:25 GMT
Comment 11itix03-Aug-2004 21:16 GMT
Comment 12Atheist204-Aug-2004 01:07 GMT
Comment 13MarkTime04-Aug-2004 03:03 GMT
Comment 14Anonymous04-Aug-2004 05:53 GMT
Comment 15YayZ04-Aug-2004 07:04 GMT
Comment 16Johan04-Aug-2004 07:51 GMT
Comment 17Tronman05-Aug-2004 02:59 GMT
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