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[Web] Q/A with Scandinavian MorphOS DevelopmentANN.lu
Posted on 02-Aug-2004 20:11 GMT by ironfist22 comments
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Pegasos.org sent some questions over to Piru, CISC and Bigfoot and they answered them very well. Have a read! Pegasos.org would like to say a big thanks to Piru, CISC and Bigfoot. Respect and keep up the good work!
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Comment 1Sigbjørn Skjæret02-Aug-2004 19:20 GMT
Comment 2Amon_ReRegistered user02-Aug-2004 20:07 GMT
Comment 3Sigbjørn Skjæret02-Aug-2004 20:42 GMT
Comment 4Sigbjørn Skjæret02-Aug-2004 20:43 GMT
Comment 5Piru02-Aug-2004 21:19 GMT
Comment 6brotheris03-Aug-2004 06:34 GMT
Comment 7hooligan/dcsRegistered user03-Aug-2004 06:54 GMT
Comment 8Olegil03-Aug-2004 09:24 GMT
Comment 9killllllbillllll03-Aug-2004 09:29 GMT
Comment 10Sammy Nordström03-Aug-2004 13:40 GMT
Comment 11Sammy Nordström03-Aug-2004 13:44 GMT
Comment 12brotheris03-Aug-2004 16:04 GMT
Comment 13Sammy Nordström03-Aug-2004 18:39 GMT
Comment 14brotheris03-Aug-2004 21:39 GMT
Comment 15Sammy Nordström04-Aug-2004 06:53 GMT
Comment 16hooligan/dcsRegistered user04-Aug-2004 07:25 GMT
Comment 17Sammy Nordström04-Aug-2004 08:01 GMT
Comment 18Johan Rönnblom04-Aug-2004 08:14 GMT
Comment 19Sammy Nordström04-Aug-2004 10:43 GMT
Comment 20miksuh04-Aug-2004 12:57 GMT
Comment 21marcik06-Aug-2004 07:14 GMT
Comment 22Darth_XRegistered user07-Aug-2004 17:48 GMT
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