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[Web] Amiga OS 4 shots from around the worldANN.lu
Posted on 04-Aug-2004 11:33 GMT by Amiga OS 4.0 fan17 comments
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Amiga OS 4 shots from around the world has been opened.
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Comment 1KenHRegistered user04-Aug-2004 10:40 GMT
Comment 2Anonymous04-Aug-2004 10:58 GMT
Comment 3Kjetil04-Aug-2004 11:45 GMT
Comment 4miksuh04-Aug-2004 12:39 GMT
Comment 5John Block04-Aug-2004 12:43 GMT
Comment 6Kjetil04-Aug-2004 14:49 GMT
Comment 7Amon_ReRegistered user04-Aug-2004 15:23 GMT
Amiga OS 4 shots from around the world : Comment 8 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by anon on 04-Aug-2004 16:23 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (KenH):
> That really brings it home....Amiga is coming back! Great site :)

No, Amiga is not coming back. Because the amigaone is crap hardware, too expensive, and only brainwashed religious club freaks buy them, not normal people.
#17 Anonymous
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Comment 9anon04-Aug-2004 16:23 GMT
Comment 10Agima04-Aug-2004 16:51 GMT
Comment 11Kjetil04-Aug-2004 19:29 GMT
Comment 12Kolbjørn Barmen04-Aug-2004 21:28 GMT
Comment 13Kjetil05-Aug-2004 12:10 GMT
Comment 14itix05-Aug-2004 12:52 GMT
Comment 15Amon_ReRegistered user05-Aug-2004 17:52 GMT
Comment 16Kjetil05-Aug-2004 19:23 GMT
Comment 17Anonymous05-Aug-2004 23:28 GMT
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