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Posted on 10-Aug-2004 05:10 GMT by Lou Vidal56 comments
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Campaigning for the updating of the Workbench look, a new Queens Bits article traces the look of the Amiga interface from 1.3 to now. Profusely illustrated. The official newsletter of the Queens Amiga Users Group ceased regular publication in the summer of '99 and there have been precious few articles published in the interim. Advocating a more up-to-date, professional-looking Workbench (along with accompanying OS4 applications), club president and former Queens Bits editor, Lou Vidal, has penned an appeal for a new look in the Amiga interface that can proudly hold its own against all the other OSs out there. Check it out on the QAUG website. Examples illustrating the development of Workbench from 1.3 to the future abound. Also make plans to see the ongoing demos of OS4, various machines, and sundry gadgets & goodies at our August meeting this Saturday, the 14th, starting at 11:30 am. Be there!
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Comment 1Anon10-Aug-2004 04:15 GMT
Comment 2Anonymous10-Aug-2004 04:33 GMT
Comment 3cheesegrate10-Aug-2004 05:07 GMT
Comment 4cheesegrate10-Aug-2004 05:08 GMT
Comment 5Don CoxRegistered user10-Aug-2004 06:15 GMT
Comment 6Don CoxRegistered user10-Aug-2004 06:41 GMT
Comment 7Emeric SH10-Aug-2004 07:32 GMT
Comment 8Anonymous10-Aug-2004 07:42 GMT
Comment 9Hans-Joerg Frieden10-Aug-2004 08:00 GMT
Comment 10Emeric SH10-Aug-2004 08:24 GMT
Comment 11Emeric SH10-Aug-2004 08:29 GMT
Comment 12Anonymous10-Aug-2004 08:31 GMT
Comment 13Anonymous10-Aug-2004 08:36 GMT
Comment 14Emeric SH10-Aug-2004 08:39 GMT
Comment 15Anonymous10-Aug-2004 08:39 GMT
Comment 16Anonymous10-Aug-2004 08:42 GMT
Comment 17Anonymous10-Aug-2004 08:42 GMT
Comment 18Emeric SH10-Aug-2004 08:46 GMT
Comment 19Gareth Knight10-Aug-2004 09:16 GMT
Comment 20Don CoxRegistered user10-Aug-2004 09:23 GMT
Comment 21Emeric SH10-Aug-2004 09:29 GMT
Comment 22Sammy Nordström10-Aug-2004 09:50 GMT
Comment 23itix10-Aug-2004 09:56 GMT
Comment 24Emeric SH10-Aug-2004 10:00 GMT
Comment 25itix10-Aug-2004 10:02 GMT
Comment 26Don CoxRegistered user10-Aug-2004 11:11 GMT
Comment 27Don CoxRegistered user10-Aug-2004 11:18 GMT
Comment 28Gareth Knight10-Aug-2004 11:21 GMT
Comment 29pixie10-Aug-2004 11:29 GMT
Comment 30pixie10-Aug-2004 11:31 GMT
Comment 31pixie10-Aug-2004 11:36 GMT
Comment 32Sammy Nordström10-Aug-2004 11:43 GMT
Comment 33AF10-Aug-2004 11:48 GMT
Comment 34Emeric SH10-Aug-2004 11:59 GMT
Comment 35Don CoxRegistered user10-Aug-2004 12:00 GMT
Comment 36Emeric SH10-Aug-2004 12:18 GMT
Comment 37Sammy Nordström10-Aug-2004 12:24 GMT
Comment 38Emeric SH10-Aug-2004 12:42 GMT
Comment 39Sammy Nordström10-Aug-2004 13:01 GMT
Comment 40Lando10-Aug-2004 13:20 GMT
Comment 41Sammy Nordström10-Aug-2004 14:09 GMT
Comment 42Amon_ReRegistered user10-Aug-2004 15:42 GMT
Comment 43Bill Toner10-Aug-2004 15:50 GMT
Comment 44sutro10-Aug-2004 21:37 GMT
Comment 45Anonymous10-Aug-2004 21:39 GMT
Comment 46G Dawg110-Aug-2004 21:44 GMT
Comment 47Olegil11-Aug-2004 04:38 GMT
Comment 48Don CoxRegistered user11-Aug-2004 07:14 GMT
Comment 49Anonymous11-Aug-2004 23:25 GMT
Comment 50itix12-Aug-2004 00:06 GMT
Comment 51itix12-Aug-2004 08:33 GMT
Comment 52Frank21312-Aug-2004 11:57 GMT
Comment 53bobbie sellers12-Aug-2004 21:21 GMT
Comment 54Anonymous12-Aug-2004 22:13 GMT
Comment 55Don CoxRegistered user13-Aug-2004 17:08 GMT
Comment 56pixie15-Aug-2004 18:40 GMT
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