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[Files] First Amiga One Scene Demo! :)ANN.lu
Posted on 10-Aug-2004 15:20 GMT by kRiZE62 comments
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#ZERO by Universe Released at Slash Party 5, 2004, France. First AmigaOne demo ever. #ZERO by Universe Released at Slash Party 5, 2004, France. First AmigaOne demo ever. http://jpv.wmhost.com/releases/USE-Zero.lha Anyone seen it yet ?
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First Amiga One Scene Demo! :) : Comment 53 of 62ANN.lu
Posted by Jupp3 on 11-Aug-2004 17:17 GMT
In reply to Comment 49 (crisot):
>tsss.... 4 MB just because "elf is a monster" ?

Sorry, that was a joke I just HAD to make... As executable size was earlier used as an argument why competiting product (WOS) was better than ELF (Which both MOS and OS4 use)

Forgot to add smiley after that line, so here it is: :D
#54 crisot
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