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[News] akGIF.datatype.elf betatestersANN.lu
Posted on 22-Aug-2004 15:42 GMT by Andreas Kleinert32 comments
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After succeeding this afternoon with both, installing the SDK and porting "akGIF.datatype.elf" I'm now looking for reliable beta testers for this and future MorphOS projects. If you don't mind to spend some time on real-life testing and bug search, please drop me an email. Thanks! (the MorphOS version does by no means exclude any AOS4 version for the future - I just want to focus on one single platform for now)
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Comment 2Anonymous22-Aug-2004 14:24 GMT
Comment 3marcik22-Aug-2004 15:01 GMT
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Comment 6Framiga22-Aug-2004 16:44 GMT
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Comment 15Andreas Kleinert23-Aug-2004 06:07 GMT
Comment 16Andreas Kleinert23-Aug-2004 06:11 GMT
Comment 17Emeric SH23-Aug-2004 06:29 GMT
Comment 18takemehomegrandmaRegistered user23-Aug-2004 10:49 GMT
Comment 19itix23-Aug-2004 11:33 GMT
Comment 20Emeric SH23-Aug-2004 13:24 GMT
Comment 21Anonymous23-Aug-2004 15:48 GMT
Comment 22Artur "APair" Pietruk23-Aug-2004 20:53 GMT
Comment 23Anonymous24-Aug-2004 02:39 GMT
Comment 24Emeric SH24-Aug-2004 06:30 GMT
Comment 25XraalE24-Aug-2004 14:18 GMT
Comment 26Andreas Kleinert27-Aug-2004 04:13 GMT
Comment 27Andreas Kleinert27-Aug-2004 04:38 GMT
Comment 28Andreas Kleinert27-Aug-2004 04:40 GMT
Comment 29Sigbjørn Skjæret27-Aug-2004 05:21 GMT
Comment 30__NOSPAM__info@ar-kleinert.de27-Aug-2004 12:45 GMT
Comment 31Sigbjørn Skjæret27-Aug-2004 14:52 GMT
Comment 32snowblood27-Aug-2004 15:03 GMT
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