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[News] U.S. Senate's High Tech Task Force Visit ODW AssemblyANN.lu
Posted on 26-Aug-2004 12:00 GMT by Balisto (Edited on 2004-08-26 14:23:34 GMT by Christophe Decanini)27 comments
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The Senate Republican HTTF's (High Tech Task Force) Jesse Wadhams (Technology Policy Counsel to the Chairman) visited the assembly production of the Open Desktop Workstation 24 Aug 2004. See the Press Release http://www.genesi.lu/press.php?date=20040825 Genesi Photos: http://www.pegasosppc.com/gallery.php?id=111 HTTF Weebsite: http://republican.senate.gov/httf/new.htm
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U.S. Senate's High Tech Task Force Visit ODW Assembly : Comment 25 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Joe "Floid" Kanowitz on 28-Aug-2004 08:15 GMT
In reply to Comment 24 (Anonymous):
I refrain from commenting on your tech/platform comparisons, since (as I said in other posts) I don't feel that they are too relevant in this case.

Hm, so what's relevant? Rays on through to iMacs and XP-chugging Intellistations are all examples of things that get leased as part of "a service, a total solution that greatly reduce both the risc and the total cost of ownership for a company throughout time." And if all that hardware didn't compare equally on some level, the vendors wouldn't be throwing it all at the same nebulous corporate niches, would they? C'mon, I even said something nice!

I just wanted to say that I feel it's still very possible for Genesi to use OpenBSD. AFAIK, OpenBSD already runs on the Pegasos hardware, and it's an open source project so I don't see why it would be impossible to put someone other than these "loud officials" on the job? It should definitely be doable, even if it isn't officially supported, if Genesi would want to. Or why not spin off a "PegasosBSD" from it? That one would be "officially supported" enough, don't you think? ;-)

Sure is, if anyone saved the source... or even if not. It's simply an 'irony' that nature called right before this corporate push... and getting it running properly (if seeking to preserve OBSD standards of IP-cleanliness/liability-avoidance, so not so much a problem if relicensing the code) *would* seem to require Marvell practice a little extra glasnost. In turn, the prime benefit of OBSD comes from the 'eyes' of the core development team, so without that advantage (or the ability to offer the equivalent with a straight face; eternal vigilance don't come cheap), you might as well screw it and go port Darwin or something. ;)

[I'm kidding, I'm kidding... Nobody should *ever* port Darwin, it's the HIV of *NIX... ;)]
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