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Posted on 27-Aug-2004 06:14 GMT by Andreas Kleinert (Edited on 2004-08-27 18:39:38 GMT by Christophe Decanini)28 comments
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For anyone interested, there's now a Yahoo group for discussions and new beta versions, currently akGIF and akJFIF for MorphOS: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pswx-beta/
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Comment 1Andreas Kleinert27-Aug-2004 04:43 GMT
Comment 2priest27-Aug-2004 08:04 GMT
Comment 3boingballs4all27-Aug-2004 16:15 GMT
Comment 4JKD27-Aug-2004 16:25 GMT
Comment 5bęsjen27-Aug-2004 17:41 GMT
Comment 6Darth_XRegistered user27-Aug-2004 18:14 GMT
Comment 7Ronald St-Maurice27-Aug-2004 19:14 GMT
Comment 8Leif27-Aug-2004 19:49 GMT
akGIF and akJFIF for MorphOS Yahoo group : Comment 9 of 28ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 27-Aug-2004 20:06 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Ronald St-Maurice):
No way. MorphOS is better in most aspects and that is hardly a subject to change, rather the opposite! Stay tuned! :-)

It's ironic, don't you think? The greatest threat against OS4 - except its own shortcomings - is the lack of functioning hardware that mortals can afford. The Pegasos would be the best commercially available option for OS4, and while it would take an afternoon or so to get OS4 running on the PegasosONE (and perhaps a few weeks after that to get it running on the Pegasos2, provided that it has a real HAL and doesn't have too many Articia "SW bugfixes" (or should we call them "drivers"?) weaved into the fabric all over), it could probably never survive in the shadow of MorphOS. Who would want it? Ironic, huh, OS4 can't live without it, and it can't live with it! Nevertheless I think the best thing for OS4 would be if they kept it away from the Pegasos. Keep it on the A1!
#13 Ronald St-Maurice
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Comment 10boingballs4all27-Aug-2004 21:07 GMT
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Comment 14just myself28-Aug-2004 00:48 GMT
Comment 15Andreas Kleinert28-Aug-2004 05:42 GMT
Comment 16Andreas Kleinert28-Aug-2004 05:43 GMT
Comment 17Don CoxRegistered user28-Aug-2004 06:06 GMT
Comment 18Anonymous28-Aug-2004 07:01 GMT
Comment 19Don CoxRegistered user28-Aug-2004 07:16 GMT
Comment 20Ronald St-Maurice28-Aug-2004 10:34 GMT
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Comment 26itix28-Aug-2004 13:52 GMT
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