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Posted on 31-Aug-2004 10:27 GMT by Lando24 comments
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Apple announces new iMac G5. Apple this morning announced the new Apple iMac G5. Gone is the semi-spherical base and in comes the whole computer built into the widescreen LCD display. Starting from just $1299 for the 1.6Ghz G5 with 17" display up to $1899 for the 1.8Ghz with 20" display and Superdrive. More details at apple.com. Can Genesi or Eyetech compete against Apple in the PPC market?
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Comment 1takemehomegrandmaRegistered user31-Aug-2004 08:43 GMT
Comment 2Bill Panagouleas31-Aug-2004 09:06 GMT
Comment 3Joe "Floid" Kanowitz31-Aug-2004 09:28 GMT
Comment 4Bill Panagouleas31-Aug-2004 09:34 GMT
Comment 5priest31-Aug-2004 09:56 GMT
Comment 6cheesegrate31-Aug-2004 10:28 GMT
Comment 7cheesegrate31-Aug-2004 10:30 GMT
Comment 8priest31-Aug-2004 10:39 GMT
Comment 9Joe "Floid" Kanowitz31-Aug-2004 11:16 GMT
Comment 10Ronald St-Maurice31-Aug-2004 11:41 GMT
Comment 11Amon_ReRegistered user31-Aug-2004 12:01 GMT
Comment 12Amon_ReRegistered user31-Aug-2004 12:03 GMT
Comment 13Ronald St-Maurice31-Aug-2004 12:43 GMT
iMac G5 Announced : Comment 14 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Turambar on 31-Aug-2004 13:29 GMT
It's a piece of crap. I cant believe apple have the audacity to limit it to a geforce fx5200 (no you cant upgrade) and then show unreal 2004 benchmarks comparing it the previous imac.
#15 Sam Smith #18 JoannaK
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Comment 15Sam Smith31-Aug-2004 13:48 GMT
Comment 16Amon_ReRegistered user31-Aug-2004 13:56 GMT
Comment 17Ronald St-Maurice31-Aug-2004 15:40 GMT
Comment 18JoannaK31-Aug-2004 16:48 GMT
Comment 19MarkTime31-Aug-2004 18:23 GMT
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Comment 21hooligan/dcsRegistered user01-Sep-2004 05:01 GMT
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