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[News] Freescale provides complete ODW machines to 100 PPC developers for free!ANN.lu
Posted on 03-Sep-2004 09:57 GMT by takemehomegrandma103 comments
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A short news update regarding the Freescale SNDF Europe event: The list of the first 40 PPC developers who will join the SNDF Europe event and recieve complete Open Desktop Workstations (based on the Pegasos2), has now been sent to Freescale. Among those are AmigaZeux members as well as a number of DemoScene Teams. A list of the remaining 60 will be sent next week.

At 22-Aug-2004, Genesi made the following invitation public:

We would like to invite all interested PowerPC Developers to Smart Networks Developer Forum in Frankfurt on 30 September. You can attend the Tech Show in the morning and attend Workshops. In the afternoon we will have some special PegasosPPC oriented presentations, including a series of workshops on AltiVec. Lunch is included and developers who have been pre-approved and attend will be given an Open Desktop Workstation compliments of Freescale and Genesi. In exchange, developers are ask to file a monthly report on what they are doing with the machine - only basic guidelines for development will be given.

Please contact us if you are interested in developing for the platform and attending PegasosPPC Day at SNDF Europe.
(morphos-news.de, morphzone.org)

Any developer, interested in developing for any PPC OS platform, working with any project, seemed to be welcome to apply to these generous terms (look here, and here). Now the list of the first 40 people has been processed and sent to Freescale:

We submitted the list of 40 developers to Freescale today who will be hosted on 30 September at SNDF Europe in Frankfurt. Thanks to all of you who responded. We will be getting an information page up about the day's activities soon.

Next week, we will also be submitting an additional list of 60 developers who will also receive complete machines. We are very happy to announce that the AmigaZeux members will be included in this group, as well as a number of DemoScene Teams.

A big thanks to Freescale for their support on this developer program. In addition to the 100 machines going to developers in September, 75 more are being used to support the initial PegasosPPC pilot projects.

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