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Posted on 05-Sep-2004 10:54 GMT by Michal 'kiero' Wozniak53 comments
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It took a bit longer than I thought, but here it is. Next version of ShowGirls. For those who don't know what is it, Show Girls is image viewer with some image processing functions. Read more...

This is yet another image viewer. You may ask: why? Well, i was using ShowPPC as my image viewer, but since it has some problems and is not developed anymore, i started to look for new viewer. There are some nice, but i wanted to have some simple image manipulation options (don't want to launch ImageFX to just resize image), and there were nothing as good as ShowPPC. So here it is...

...it combines some options from various image viewers like MiniShowPicture, ShowPPC and some others.
Some of the features:

- Easy browsing of directories (with mouse and keyboard)
- Lots of supported file formats thanks to Datatypes system.
- Nice MUI GUI
- Image processing options like resizing, balance, smoothing, cropping and a lot more
- Saving of images in JPEG or PNG
- Loading/displaying images with alpha channel
- Scaling image display to fit in the window (separate control over enlarging and reducing)
- Scrolling/zooming of big images
- Drag&drop of files/directories to be displayed
- Optional bilinear filtering of the displayed image
- Notification (refreshing of list of files when new files are copied in/removed)
- Thumbnailes generator (with templates)Image
- 2 browser modes (names list or thumbnails)
- Thumbnails browser optimized for viewing pictures taken with digicam(very fast thumbnail creation).

Changes in this version:

- ShowGirls icon is used as appicon when application is iconified.
- When starting without param sometimes there were trash in string gadget.
- Region marking was innacurate.
- Problem when viewing small images, like icons, etc.
- Levels operator. Formula was slightly broken. If somebody misses old mode then i can readd it.
- other smaller or bigger bugs.


- Bugs (probably).
- Using NList class for list of files. Added date and filetype displaying.<R> Sorting works on any of them, including secondary sorting criteria ( press SHIFT and select second column to sort by ). - Thumbnails in directory browser. Adjustable thumb size and border. Thumbnails cache (with several compression methods and other options). "Reduced memory usage" mode. Utilizing special properties in JPEG's created with digital cameras (results in more than 10 times faster thumbnails creation!!)
- Much faster finding of next/previous picture.
- Lossless JPEG transformations (Tools/JPEG Transform). Makes it possible to rotate and flip JPEG images without decompression/compression, so without loosing quality.
- Much faster image scrolling. Scrolling is now also more precise (subpixel accuracy).
- Improved zooming control (separate control over zooming and shrinking).
- Possibility do filter out .info file and non-image files.
- Added tooltypes support (FULLSCREEN and BROWSER).
- Added BROWSER CLI param. The default window now doesn't have it enabled.
- Improved Thumbnailer module:
- Suffix different than .info can be specified.
- Suffix can now also be replaces instead of only added.
- When scaling image aspect doesn't have to be preserved.
- Zooming image in/out with mouse wheel.
- Added default values to some sliders. Try to doubleclick on knob to set to default position (in balance, levels and probably some others too).
- Added mask shape selection to median filter.
- Added "border mode" to resize operator. Works the same way as in ImageFX.
- Now it's also possible to delete directories (a bit limited though. You can't unprotect files for example).
- Improved filerequester when saving. Uses path and filename of currently loaded image, and automaticaly replaces extension to math selected save format.

Hope You will like it.

Download it HERE

and soon on aminet.

Some screenshots:


// Michal 'kiero' Wozniak PS. Almost forgot. It's for MorphOS.

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ShowGirls - new version : Comment 26 of 53ANN.lu
Posted by Kulwant Bhogal on 05-Sep-2004 20:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Michal 'kiero' Wozniak):
Hello Michal,

> No. WarpOS sucks and have to die. Time to upgrade.

True WarpOS may suck. But I have no alternative at the moment (and nor do many other legacy h/w users).

I would upgrade if there were something to upgrade to. IMHO both MorphOS and OS4 are still unfinished/unpolished products.

I have heard the authors of the most buggy serious software ever to grace the Amiga (I am talking about Voyager) have been working on MorphOS. That to me is not a good incentive to "upgrade" to MorphOS. Anyway with the currently available "next gen" hardware, I am waiting to see what will be the better option in the long term for me before I upgrade from my current set-up. It's not the hardware that counts, it's what you can run on it. And I think at the moment I couldn't have everything I have running now (or equivalent) on any of the nextgen "Amigas", so in reply to your comment "Time to upgrade" - I don't think so. Not yet anyway.

If you don't want to write anything for the current Amiga user base - that's your choice - nobody can force you to support the "legacy" user base - but remember it is mostly the current user base who will one day be buying PegasOS' or AOne's, SharkPPC's & whatevers. If your application were to be available for legacy h/w users, there is no reason if they like the software they wouldn't want to experience it's better incarnation on MorphOS or AOS4.

I obviously don't know the first thing about programming for MorphOS/WarpOS/AOS etc but would it really be that difficult to port your existing program to WarpOS?

Kind regards,

#28 Michal 'kiero' Wozniak #30 Lando
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