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Posted on 07-Sep-2004 00:14 GMT by Boris Karvello Ribero8 comments
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This morning I was greeted by a rather nice postman chap who handed me a small packet, I opened it up expecting ANTHRAX CD, but was pleasantly suprised to see a lovely Large AMIGAone T-SHIRT signed by Mr Fleesy Moss AND Bill McEwan... By now I expect everyone would have received their new signed AMIGAone T-SHIRT.. THANK You AMIGA, Your not a bunch of useless good for nothing spotty-faced badger-brained loosers after all. Ribero
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Comment 3gary_c07-Sep-2004 00:04 GMT
MY AMIGA T-SHIRT HAS ARRIVED!!!! : Comment 4 of 8ANN.lu
Posted by Darth_X on 07-Sep-2004 03:09 GMT
Please, no more T-shirts!
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