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Posted on 09-Sep-2004 10:49 GMT by MorphOS11 comments
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UltraGelb from the #amigazeux group has released "ClockToy", a digital clock for the MorphOS Ambient Desktop. You can download it here.

This news was found on http://www.amiganews.de
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Comment 1Leo09-Sep-2004 09:29 GMT
Comment 2hooligan/dcsRegistered user09-Sep-2004 09:43 GMT
ClockToy : Comment 3 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Leo ( on 09-Sep-2004 09:46 GMT
@Hooligan: nope

btw, am I the only one having problems with custom skins (if image is of a different size than 135x50, gfx are streched (if smaller) or I got black window (if bigger)) ?

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Comment 4Leif09-Sep-2004 10:00 GMT
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Comment 8hooligan/dcsRegistered user10-Sep-2004 02:12 GMT
Comment 9hooligan/dcsRegistered user10-Sep-2004 02:22 GMT
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Comment 11#amigazeux10-Sep-2004 15:00 GMT
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