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[Files] Bourriquet an Edonkey Client for MorphosANN.lu
Posted on 09-Sep-2004 11:09 GMT by MorphOS19 comments
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This client have been written from scratch by Rusback (mainly MUI GUI) and sixk (Protocol reverse Engineering and core developement) This is a Beta version, actually you can connect server, search for files, download (small) files and upload. Debug output have not been removed (sorry).

This is mainly a version for test purposes, not really a fully usable version. Coders can join the project getting in touch with sixk or Rusback. Sources are available for free from the Morgoth Castor-cvs, so if you want to have a look just ask Morgoth.

We really need help on this project, cause lot of things needs to be done.

More informations may be found on: http://www.rusback.org/news.html

Download the archive here.

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Comment 1cheesegrate09-Sep-2004 10:16 GMT
Bourriquet an Edonkey Client for Morphos : Comment 2 of 19ANN.lu
Posted by priest ( on 09-Sep-2004 10:27 GMT
It seems that MOS has got SW momentum going strongly. I think SW release rate is about the same level than what it was for 68k AOS few years ago.
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