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[Forum] morphos.net back to its rootsANN.lu
Posted on 15-Sep-2004 10:35 GMT by Lewis Mistreated (Edited on 2004-09-16 14:20:35 GMT by Christophe Decanini)87 comments
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After the announcement the MorphOS team made earlier this summer, now MorphOS.net turned back with its old, pre-Genesi-advent style. [Removed opinion part - Christophe]
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morphos.net back to its roots : Comment 32 of 87ANN.lu
Posted by Agima on 15-Sep-2004 17:56 GMT
And so it begins...

If the Morph OS team tries to seperate itself from Genesi I guess we will relive the last few years over again, but this time 'Amiga OS' will be replaced by 'Morph OS'

-- Bill Buck suing 'MorphOS' team, says he owns current version of 'MorphOS' and and all future devlopements.

-- Bill Buck abuses the 'MorphOS' trademarks. I guess we will be seing the MorphOS butterfly, but in a new color or somthing so he can say it's different.

-- Bill Buck will find a new OS to promote on the PegII and the 'MorphOS' developers will see strange similarities in that new OS that could only be accounted for by stolen code by Buck.. Buck Claims, "Hey, every one knows how the API for MorphOS works. We just re-engineered it."

-- Buck re-hires Rich Woods to start a smear campaign against 'MorphOS' developers.

-- Genesi will not remove links to MorphOS and trademarks after being asked to.

Good luck and best wishes to the MorphOS team. Buck plays dirty, hopefully he leave you guys alone.
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