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Posted on 22-Sep-2004 12:03 GMT by T_Bone (Edited on 2004-09-22 15:42:25 GMT by Christophe Decanini)15 comments
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Is Moobunny down? I keep getting redirected to parked.directnic.com.

[Christophe: moobunny url is http://flyingmice.com/squid/moobunny/amiga/ or alternatively http://www.moobunny.org thanks to takemehomegrandma]
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Posted by AdmV on 22-Sep-2004 23:23 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Anonymous):
What is going on?

Well... here is what occured as far as I can tell.

Wayne in a late night rant had a pop in the main at Bill Buck (BBRV), and as I understand it to a lesser extent, Genesi.

Genesi responded in astonishingly stupid fashion by posting Wayne's Salary information via their web server, along with an email supposedly detailing all the issues with Wayne as an employee. They did this in a lame way to try and make out it was an unofficial leak. Its been so cack handed that its clear its not cack handed, its not a 'mistake', its not a 'whoops', its just a plain 'f*ck you wayne' attempt to attack the guy in a very lame public way.

Because this was in a thread on Moobunny, Wayne responded in a somewhat less than suitable way by re-pointing the mobunny domain DNS to other locations, I guess out of sheer annoyance. His view on it is that John Shepard should have killed the thread or similar, and as he did'nt, he decided to take his domain name rental and point it elsewhere.

If Genesi wanted to commit a clear rebuttal, they could do so on their site. Instead they pulled this ultra lame garbage. Now, I don't know the background to the issues, nor do I much care, except this is yet another example of Amiga type companies not being worth spit IMHO. You can't have trust, honour, nor justice with em.

In terms of Genesi, its possible that there may be repercussions. The posting looked to me to have broken UK law, if that were a UK employee/employer. I don't know what state/province nor laws these parties have to operate under, nor do I really care. It will all come out in the wash...
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