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Posted on 22-Sep-2004 12:03 GMT by T_Bone (Edited on 2004-09-22 15:42:25 GMT by Christophe Decanini)15 comments
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Is Moobunny down? I keep getting redirected to parked.directnic.com.

[Christophe: moobunny url is http://flyingmice.com/squid/moobunny/amiga/ or alternatively http://www.moobunny.org thanks to takemehomegrandma]
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Posted by 3seas on 23-Sep-2004 00:27 GMT
double standards????

When Rich Woods posted stuff, it was good.

When Genesi posted stuff its bad????

I don't think so.

I found it very informative.

Businesses are made up of people and people can exist without a company but not vise versa.

I see both parties need a good solid smack up side the head. Wayne for pulling the crap he did and Genesi for paying so damn much for the crap.

I think the bigger statement is that IT professionals ARE paid to damn much, if this is any indication of typical value exchange.
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