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[Events] Alchimie IV OS4 PresentationANN.lu
Posted on 28-Sep-2004 00:37 GMT by MasterOfReality161 comments
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Slides used as part of the OS4 presentation in France at the weekend have now been made available online.
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Alchimie IV OS4 Presentation : Comment 40 of 161ANN.lu
Posted by Cosmo on 28-Sep-2004 07:14 GMT
In reply to Comment 30 (hooligan/dcs):
> The gradients were officially released in MorphOS 1.4 ..
> which was released October 2003 if I remember correctly

With a bit of looking around myself, I found this link mentioning 1.4 preview, with a first screenshot (broken), specifically mentioning gradients as new feature: (May 2003)


I can't find a direct date reference for that early OS4 screenshot. There is a post on amiga.org that mentions it by filename, but I can't access the actual message. (Did a search on amiga.org.) The date of that post is also May 2003.

The os.amiga.com news page has dates, but they don't link direct to specific screenshots, so it's difficult to work out which is which:


But, it would appear that the "Even more preliminary screenshots of the AmigaOS 4 GUI" (dated 21 Nov 2002) would be the corresponding date, by process of working backwards through all the screenshots:


A quote from this new item being: "None of the new screenshots show the default AmigaOS 4.0 appearance, although some of them contain certain elements or concepts that will become part of it."

Can anyone do any better? :)
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