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[Web] PCMCIA Networking Package MKIII released with EasyNet softwareANN.lu
Posted on 01-Oct-2004 20:20 GMT by AmigaKit.com3 comments
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The latest PCMCIA networking package has been released from AmigaKit.com

This package contains a 10Mbps PCMCIA ethernet network card, compatible with the Amiga A1200 and A600.

Goto shop.amigakit.com for more details.

There are instructions included with screenshots on how to install the network card with Genesis TCP/IP stack and Miami Deluxe TCP/IP stack.

The software driver comes on floppy with an installer and a utility to prevent the A1200's PCMCIA reset bug.

Also included with the card is the AmigaKit Networking CD which contains the latest distribution of EasyNet. This is a interface for the included AmiTCP 3 stack. Amiga Samba, SMBFS and Samba Handler are also distrubuted on the CD.

The network card comes complete with a XJack connector equipped with a RJ45 socket.

As a introductory offer the network package is £24.99 this weekend

Goto shop.amigakit.com for more details.
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