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Posted on 03-Oct-2004 13:10 GMT by Bobson17 comments
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Just a friendly reminder that the Big Bash2 is on the 16th of this month (which is just short of 2 weeks time.)http://www.emag.me.uk.

Heads up folks...

Just a friendly reminder that the Big Bash2 is on the 16th of this month (which is just short of 2 weeks time.)

Doors open at 6:30pm and close late..

Raffle prizes include a microA1 and a Sil0680 IDE controller card as well as a few other things

Door price is £3. Raffle tickets are also at £3.

There is a free buffet (although there will be a donations jar) and disco

So come feast your eyes on the latest OS4 developments on both the A1 and clasics, have a few beverages, play a quick game of Quake2 and just enjoy yourself.

For more details on the party please goto the website : www.emag.me.uk

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Posted by Anonymous on 05-Oct-2004 07:36 GMT
A place full of wankers is hardly what i would call exciting. when the place gets packed though (especially full of aw.net members) lock all doors and windows and set fire to the place, bash to death anyone that breaks a window and tries to escape the fire.
#5 Paul Gadd
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