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Posted on 04-Oct-2004 15:35 GMT by Emil 'opi' Oppeln Bronikowski35 comments
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In this interview Gentoo developer, Pieter Van den Abeele mentions PegasosPPC. But I bet there's few people who will say: there's no connection between Genesi and Freescale. ;-) Article quote: Our mindshare is definitely growing leaps. Just recently we gained a lot of mindshare by making all our PowerPC products natively compatible with Pegasos PowerPC Systems. Freescale semiconductor, (a subsidiary of Motorola Inc.) has donated ten Open Desktop Workstations to this cause. Gentoo is obviously quite popular on these machines because our product, unlike other Linux distributions, just works on them.
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Pegasos, Freescale & Gentoo : Comment 16 of 35ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 05-Oct-2004 06:07 GMT
In reply to Comment 14 (Anonymous):
Wow, I sense some great jelousy here! This is the third post in this thread with the same spin. Are you the one spawning similar nonsence over at amigaworld.net too?

As you already know (while you desperately are trying to make it look otherwise) Genesi is as determined to MorphOS as always. On-line they are promoting MorphOS in all possible ways they can - they are mentioning MorphOS in close to all press releases, they are currently running support sites, both for users and developers, and community forums in the sign of MorphOS, they even have MorphOS mentioned at IBM and Freescale sites, etc. They showed MorphOS at the SNDF Europe, as they are showing it off EVERYWHERE they go, and from what I hear, people were REALLY interested in it. Genesi also ships MorphOS with all machines, including those 40+60 Open Desktop Worksations that Freescale is sponsoring PPC developers with.

However, MorphOS is still under development and not quite ready for prime time just yet. MorphOS does not pay any bills and future hardware/sofware development. Linux does. Most sales of the Pegasos motherboards are to the Linux markets today, and it is a GREAT thing to actually have a market (the Amiga One has none, and I guess that is what makes you so jellous/desperate to post nonsense like this). This is nothing but a positive thing, and your desperate attempt to put a negative spin onto it is quite pathetic and transparent, and I believe most of the people here would agree with that.
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