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Posted on 04-Oct-2004 15:35 GMT by Emil 'opi' Oppeln Bronikowski35 comments
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In this interview Gentoo developer, Pieter Van den Abeele mentions PegasosPPC. But I bet there's few people who will say: there's no connection between Genesi and Freescale. ;-) Article quote: Our mindshare is definitely growing leaps. Just recently we gained a lot of mindshare by making all our PowerPC products natively compatible with Pegasos PowerPC Systems. Freescale semiconductor, (a subsidiary of Motorola Inc.) has donated ten Open Desktop Workstations to this cause. Gentoo is obviously quite popular on these machines because our product, unlike other Linux distributions, just works on them.
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Pegasos, Freescale & Gentoo : Comment 26 of 35ANN.lu
Posted by minator on 05-Oct-2004 08:51 GMT
In reply to Comment 19 (Anonymous):
>Oh and by the way, there's absolutely no jealousy involved, I'm just making fun of the Pegasos users,
>you know the ones who called the AmigaONE a LinuxONE and ending up with a Linux box themselves.

>Oh no, how could I forget:
><PR mode on> We are targetting towards running as much Operating Systems on the Pegasos
>as possible <PR mode off>

>translated with the bullsh.. erm PR filter on:
>"We want to make money, so we have no other choice then to run as much Linux distro's on
>the Pegasos as possible, who's interested in that HobbyOS(tm) apart from some RS zealots
>anyway. The "interest" from the audience after showing some slides is pure politeness
>and americanism (this means: "cheering for everything").

Not all computer users are interested in MorphOS, Ex-Amiga users may be but beyond that it's going to be a much harder sell.
There are many different OSs and variations thereof out there and each has it's own band of followers, they're often aimed for different purposes than desktop systems so are often not even in competition with MorphOS, supporting them builds a market for the Pegasos, not doing so only means it's not reaching it's potential. If the Pegasos is to get down to PC level prices it needs greater volumes, that in turn increases the potential market for MorphOS.

I've always believed that MorphOS and the Pegasos should leave "separate lives", one should not be allowed to constrict the other, by supprting other OSs on Pegasos it gives the company a firm base to work from and this only increases the potential market for MorphOS.
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