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[News] Directory Opus 8 released (Windows)ANN.lu
Posted on 05-Oct-2004 14:54 GMT by Damien20 comments
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Everyone's favorite file manager, which started life on AmigaOS and has since been ported to Windows, has just been released in a new version. Skipping from v6 to v8 has brought about a huge number of improvements, particularly for metadata handling. Read on for more, or just go download the 60 day eval.

From the release notes:

GPSoftware is proud to announce the release of a major upgrade to its flagship product, Directory Opus. Already well established in the market place as the leading File Manager and Explorer Replacement for Windows, this new version is achieving wide acclaim from both new and existing users. With more than 3000 hrs and over two years' development, this is not just a superficial upgrade with new colours! Directory Opus 8 raises the bar for Windows File Managers providing enhanced usability for the novice user while at the same time giving the experienced user more power, functionality and better tools to handle all file management needs. You can view the New Features Detailed online or download them in PDF or Flash format.

Some of the new features include: The following is a brief summary of the many new features in Directory Opus 8 in alphabetical order:

· Content Type system enables you to configure Opus to automatically change the display format when you access folders containing certain types of files.

· Duplicate File Finder function lets you search a folder or hard drive for duplicate files.

· Enhanced File Replace Dialog includes more file information and displays image thumbnails where appropriate.

· Enhanced File Types system, including new File Type Groups, provides a way to group similar files together to assign common actions and other functionality and to set display colors on a per-file type basis.

· Enhanced Rename Dialog includes real-time preview, user-configurable presets and sequential numbering.

· Enhanced Toolbar Functionality includes multiple Toolbars per row, alpha-blended and transparent image support, additional highlighting methods and more.

· Explorer Replacement Options define exactly which folders Opus will be used in place of Windows Explorer.

· File Collections system lets you group files from different locations in a collection, to view and interact with them as if they were all in the same folder. The File Finder can now optionally output its results to a File Collection, which lets you use the full power of the Opus Lister when dealing with your Find results.

· Flat View(tm) - a new display mode lets you expand the current folder in the Lister to view the contents of its subfolders, and all their subfolders, and so on.

· FTP Enhanced with Secure SSL and SSH/SFTP provides support for secure file transfer (optional feature), plus enhanced Time Zone functions.

· Image Conversion function lets you convert, rotate and resize images quickly and easily.

· Image Viewer enhancements, including file tagging, alpha-blended and transparent image support, gamma correction and more.

· Improved Folder Tree performance, including the option for dual trees in a dual-file display Lister.

· InfoTips, ToolTips that can display user-configurable information, including thumbnail images, for any type of file or group.

· Lister Styles system that lets you quickly modify the layout of an existing Lister, accessed via a tab control in a Toolbar.

· Lister Themes system to create and share Lister Themes with other Opus users.

· Private or Shared configuration files.

· Redesigned Folder Options system is more powerful yet much more simple than in Opus 6.

· Secure Delete function that lets you securely erase files using an NSA approved algorithm.

· Settings Import/Export function makes it easy to fully backup your Opus configuration.

· Single click mode makes it easy to browse your files just like browsing the Web.

· SMTP mailer makes it easy to send files via email from within Opus.

· Synchronize File Function that supports single and both-way file synchronization.

· Utility Panel lets you access Find, Synchronize and Duplicate File Finder from inside the Lister.

· VFS Plugin System that lets you extend the capability of Opus to handle different archive formats or alternate file systems (includes a RAR plugin).

· Viewer Plugins. New Viewer plugins included: - Movie Viewer lets you watch movies from within Opus; ActiveX Documents lets you view Office documents, html, flash files etc. Also included are plugins for Text Thumbnails, Animated Gifs and more.

· Windows/MSN Messenger integration.

... and much MUCH more...

As a long-time DOpus user I must say that it makes using a Windows system acutally usable, and gives you a huge amount of power to manage your files. Well worth the asking price.

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Directory Opus 8 released (Windows) : Comment 17 of 20ANN.lu
Posted by Andreas Kleinert on 06-Oct-2004 11:58 GMT
Hm, ~48 EUR is relatively much.

If it were around ~29 EUR (maybe a "light" version?) I really would consider it for in-company usage as Explorer, ZIP, FTP replacement...
#20 Alessandro Pini
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