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Posted on 05-Oct-2004 15:58 GMT by Anonymous (Edited on 2004-10-05 18:47:21 GMT by Christophe Decanini)139 comments
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MAI LOGIC UNveiled the SMART TERMINAL at the Modern Computing Technology and Product Demonstration Forum IN CHINA

FREMONT, CA. Sep 15, 2004. Mai Logic Incorporated, a fabless IC and system design house specializing in designing and marketing innovative chipset and platform solutions for use in PowerPC microprocessor based applications, announced the Smart Terminal architecture at the Modern Computing Technology and Product Demonstration Forum on September 8, 2004, in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Hosted and organized by Chinese E-Commerce Association, Chinese Aviation Technology Group, and Beijing-based ARC.9 Computing Co. Ltd., the main purpose of this forum is to introduce and promote the Smart Terminal having general desktop functions to accelerate adoption of Linux on PowerPC solutions for implementations in client devices, network computers (NC), and office automation (OS) systems for governmental, educational, financial, industrial, and commercial organizations in China.

The system architecture of the Smart Terminal is based on the Teron Mini platform, a Mini-ITX form factor (170mm X 170mm) mainboard which incorporates Mai Logic's Articia S chipset and IBM's latest PowerPC 750FX/GX microprocessor. Running on the open-sourced Linux OS, the "Ready for IBM Technology" certified Teron Mini makes the Smart Terminal a robust and reliable computer. Thanks to its compact size, low power consumption, low cost, and overall versatility, the Smart Terminal is ideally suited for the rigorous demands large mission-critical users. Multiple Smart Terminals can access applications at the server while running local Linux desktop applications simultaneously by utilizing a hierarchical, distributed architecture which links hundreds of systems together into one seamless network that reduces costs, accommodates consolidations, boosts security, and increase productivity. "The small size and performance power of the Smart Terminal provide distinct advantages to both customers and system integrators," said Jason, Hou, Chief Executive Officer of Mai Logic.

With technical assistance and support provided by IBM, California-based Mai Logic Incorporated and its affiliate, Inguard Incorporated, there were 300 hundreds of high-performance and diskless smart terminals setup in this event for demonstrating video broadcasting, video streaming, 3D game application, Linux Office Suite application, and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client application. The on-site demonstration enabled all attendees to use new high-performance/low-power PowerPC Linux based Smart Terminals and experience a verity of applications it can offer.

In addition, IBM and Xi'an Jiaotong University announced a jointly established Linux research lab in the forum. Led by Inguard, IBM and China's Ministry of Education, this is the first Linux research lab located on the campus of a higher educational institute in China. As a part of China's 863 program (National High Technology Research and Development Program of China), this lab aims at providing a Linux educational platform toward the western China.

Estimated more than 300 people attended this event, including high-profile government officials from Ministry of Information Industry, scholars and experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, managers of prospective and potential customers in electricity, petrochemical, financial, and telecommunication industries, executives of ARC.9, IBM, Mai Logic, and Inguard, as well as journalists from major media such as SINA, the largest Internet News Agency in China and Xinhua, the largest news agency in China.

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Source: Mai Logic
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Amiga in China! : Comment 31 of 139ANN.lu
Posted by JKD on 05-Oct-2004 16:25 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Neko):
Look mummy, an evil blue troll ;-)

Nice one - shame most missed the point
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